Friday, May 31, 2013

Nickson's Visit!!!!

On Wednesday Nickson came from Mai FM. He told us about his work at Ponsonby.

First of all we started with a prayer together. Then he told us his name, which is Nickson. Later he started telling us about his work. He said he works at Mai FM.

Next when he finished talking about his work he then told us about his friends at his work. 1 was Toast- He told us he always wears jandals in winter. Second Kanoa- she is like their mother and she is always good. Third was their boss, which i didn't know his name. When the boss come they are scared I think.

Nickson wakes up at 3:30 am and he needs to be their at his work at 4:30 am in the morning. But sometimes they are late to work.

Then he recorded us and Taiwan and he told us that If you get a iphone you can play the recorded thing. So he did and it was amazing. And he said it hard to get a job at the radio station that he works at now and he said if you get a job at the radio station you can’t get rid of it.

Nickson said there were only 37 radio stations in Auckland. I thought that it is cool to work in a radio station. Also there are 2 main networks for radio. He said that The Edge radio station is near them. So if Nickson kicks the wall they can actually hear it too. So they might kick on the wall back and you can hear it too. Nickson has a wife and a cat that lives in the house and he is the boss of the house for the day.. I really really enjoyed him coming into our class and also he came with FREE stuff!!  AMAZING.....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catholic School day

Today, Saint Josephs came over from Orakei. We celebrated being at a Catholic school. There were lots and lots of Palagi there.

This morning we had a mass with Saint Josephs. We sang songs and they came with their own Priest. Together Father Ioane and their priest did everything in the church together.

When our mass was finished Mrs Tui called out from the list the class  that we were supposed to go with.

We ate lunch with them and we went to play. I showed my buddies around our school. One was Martha K the other one was Bella and Francis (she is a girl). They liked our school. I told them do they have a field and they said” Yes we do but  it not this big as yours”. Next we had a race. I came fIrst with Martha K together and Bella and Francis came second.

Later, The bell rang and it was time for the concert to start. It was at the hall there were mats and chairs there for us to sit. When The Concert was finished they had to go back to their school.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Weekly Reflection

My highlights for this week is Netball, it was fun but we lost the game.

My lowlights for this week is football because it was good, but we didn't try our best.

I am looking forward to The swimming pool. I hope it will be much bigger than Last year.