Friday, August 2, 2013

Changing Teachers

Today my coolest teacher : Miss Leaupepe will be going to her new job and she was a fun teacher to me because we laughed and talked about stuff that I don't know about. Today we had a lovely mass today because of her and it was a farewell mass for her today. Miss Leaupepe was our teacher for 2 terms. But their will be another teacher and his name is Mr Slade. He will be changing miss Leaupepe for the rest of the terms. It her first time to go to her new job and she is nervous a bit. Miss Leaupepe has been the really coolest teacher I EVER had. Because she shows us stuff that we don't know and she does tells us things we were supposed to know. Also I would not replace another teacher than Miss Leaupepe because the rest of the term she has been a  wonderful teacher for me and Room 6.

I love my teacher and she is just the coolest teacher ever.

I am happy that someone came and replace miss Leaupepe and it Mr Slade again, he is starting on Monday and I hope he will be the best teacher too, like miss Leaupepe. Also I hope I will see her sometimes. I BET!!!! I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

News and weather

Today  it feels like a brand new day for me today.

I can see the sky’s colour is grey because it a heavy day but sometimes it will be sun shines coming out.

I can feel the wind whistling to me like it saying “BE COLD x 2.

I can see the tree, and it looks like it has no clothes on because the wind keeps blowing it away and away.

I can see the sun trying to push the  grey sky away so that he can shine to us.

My news is that I am really excited for netball because, netball is just my thing to play. Also I don’t like sub but that’s the way it going to work out when I play.It great to play with my teams.We play alot and it a tough game for us every tuesday night.

I  am not looking forward for the mass tomorrow because my teacher: Miss Leaupepe is  leaving to go to her new job at parnell and it at the city she is going to work at  National library. ↓
I am excited to do my geometry art. Because it a shape thing and you get to use primary colours I think . But the colours that we got to pick was: Purple  and Yellow,
Red and Green, also Blue and Orange.

I was happy when Jackie Thomas won the X factor of New Zealand.Because she has a great voice and it just perfect.