Friday, May 30, 2014

How to be a friend :)

how to be a friend
Learning Intention - Procedural writing.

How to a be a friend. While when you be friend with someone, that is being friends.But not like that,  you have to respect them and care for them especially use kindness. Help them when they need your help, become a really good friend with them.

And you should be lucky you’re surround with your friends.You should encourage them with everything they're doing. And when their on a team like netball. Go and cheer you might not know that it really show them you care.

Like me, my best friend is Sonya and she’s comes and support me on every game. And it really make my heart feels like she really does care. And she is always their when she needs my help.

And I am so lucky she is my best friend, because she helps me all the time. And I hope all of you’s out their, have really good friends.

Reflection- WIND

WIND- Fiction book

today I have been reading this book called"Wind".

Wind is air, and it moves in the air.We can feel it, but we can't see it.The wind pump Bring the water up from under ground. Wind moves blades on machines to make energy for use to use. Some plants use wind to spread their seeds and it called"Fluffy dandelion".

Some birds use the wind to help the, take off and fly.Their are lots of different things that wind can do. It can make hot air- balloon and waves for  people who goes and surfs or surfboard. The end 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Old testament

The Old Testament - About Noah and the flood

In the old testament Noah had three sons, and his wife. Noah had no faults and he was the only good man of his time.He lived in fellowship with God.

But everyone on god's sight was evil.Then God said to Noah" I am going to destroyed all of the people who are evil.So I want you to build a boat, go with your wife and sons in their and also take the animals.

God said to Noah" I am going to send rain that will fall for forty days.Noah was six hundred years old when the flood came on the earth.

After forty days Noah opened a window and sent out a raven.It did not come back, but it kept on flying around until the water was completely gone.

Then God and Noah promised that their will never be a flood again. And then there were no many evil people.

Reflection- The big race

The Big Race - a fiction book,
(The Big race )

Illustrated by -John Kurema
Written by - Jen Storer

The main characters
- Danny
- Ali  (best friend)
-Monty (Danny’s dog)
-Dad (Danny’s dad)
- Mr Claws ( Next door neighbours cat’s)
- Jings- (friend)
- Gums ( Danny's baby sister.
-Aldo (Danny's Parrot)
-Mum(Danny's mum)

The book I had read was about the big race.The big race was bullied at danny’s back yard.It was going to be Danny's big race he had set up. He and Ail were going to race. Danny was lifting cans of food to make his arms strong.

When Ail came, the race began. Dad and gum were watching the big race.Then Ail said to Danny."Who is going to time us". Said Ail. Danny's said" I am". Ail said" Your going to make it up". Then they heard Jings " I'll do it". With my new stop watch.

Danny and Ail looked at each other , they nodded at each other. Then the big race began. Ail was first to start. When Ail was running, the crowd was cheering for Ail. Danny said "the timer can't cheer". But Jings said" This one is".

Ail ran and ran until she climb up and saw a cat as in Mr Claws, Danny forget to tell Ail about that. When Mr Claw saw Ail, Ail frozen with fear. Lucky Danny's dad said"Stop". Jings stopped the watch.

Danny's dad took Mr claws out of the tree and he ran under the house. Then Ail jumped down while shaking. He started to puff- and puff, Also push up, but push up Ail is really good in it.

Ail went again twice. Then finally she finished.Now it was Danny's turn, Everybody's eyes was on him, even Mr claws. Danny ran and ran and he was at the basketball shoot. He only missed a few shoot, but he still carried on.

When Danny climbed the tree, Mr claws was up on his branch in seconds.He said to Mr claws" N- n-nice Kitty, Mr claws didn't moved. Then Monty came and barked at Mr claws.

Danny said to Monty" to Be quite because he is making Mr claws angry. Then Jings and Ail said" Don't give up", Don't give up. Danny was brave now he said Scat cat. He saw Mr Claws eye was looking like it to going to popped. Mr claws ran away. 

Ail and Jings said to Danny" Good one Danny". When Danny finished, he was puffing. Then he said to Jings,"what's my time". "Oops" said Jings We got messed up because we were watching you got their with Mr Claws, and you were the first kid to stand up to Mr claws.

Then Dad said" While It was the best big race ever". Then Danny said" It was the best Scat cat race ever". The End :)

Monday, May 26, 2014


Kindness !

kindness is when you show everyone the virtues of kindness so that,  others can show others, the virtues of kindness.

Firstly :  Kindness is when you share things, and be fair with others. Kindness is when you be thankful for another, and loving other.

Secondly : Kindness is when you show joyfulness to each other teachers.Kindness is when you show your manners to your guests. Kindness is when you show respect to others. Kindness can also be showing everyone that you care for each other.

Last of all :  Kindness is when you don’t hurt their feeling, but make them feel happy.Kindness is when you see someone hurting others, you can go up and talk to them and make them happy, also share things with them to cheer up. kindness is showing that if others need your help, you go and help them, because they asked for their help.

Conclusion :  Kindness is when you are giving them something like a pencil to them to use, because they don’t have one. Kindness is when you give money to the poor.Kindness is when you become a leader to everyone, when they don’t know what to do.

" Why Do Tigers Have Stripes".?

The book that I read, and was interesting for me

First book:“Why do tigers have stripes”.

Every Tigers have a colour orange and a black strips, from the top to his paws. It goes up, down, side way.

The strips helps them to hide when they are lying down on the grass.It helps them to hunt for food, when they are hiding.  

My Procedural Writing

14.05.14 Procedural Writing
How to Play Netball.

Netball is an international sport.

Netball was first played since 1891. So netball has been around for 109 years.


  • Right Uniform
  • Sport Shoes
  • Nails Cut
  • Hair tied back
  • Singlet inside your uniform


1. Each Person has a positions to go to, when we play the game.

2. And the person who has C- centre for their position they come in and stand in the middle next to the circle. Whoever got's the ball between the person who has C-centre, they can jump into the circle, but only when the umpire blows the whistle.

3. Then with the person has the ball at the moment.It is ball, so they have to try and get the ball to the GS- Goal shoot.

4. The can go anywhere but not in where the GS- Goal shoot is.Then whoever goal they win. But sometimes it is quarter. So it will be the starting team. Then a break. So that is 1 of and 2 . and then a break and the last is 4. so that is quater. Therefore for term 2 it will be half. so just 2 .

So that how your play netball, I hope you will learn this. If not then hopefully you can tell some else how to play netball.Therefore it all I can give you guys ,so that’s it. : )

My Mother Figure

 Mother Figure
My Aunty is the best. Because she is kind, and she is a loving women. I love my aunty with all my heart. And  no one can’t replace her.

I call my aunty my hero, my mother, my friend, also my bestie.
I tell her everything I am stuck with. And she doesn't need to put on make-up or anything to recover the things on her face that she doesn't want.

And again I love my aunty to the moon and  back. And I am so lucky she is here. Or else I wouldn't have a aunty so special to me. <3

Practising Prompt

If you could have lunch with any famous person who would it be? What would you talk about with this person?

My Plan

1. I want to have lunch with the Olsen Twins
2. Talk about their movies and will they still carry on.

3. Show them around the places and have fun with them.

4. Go on a trip to Hawaii with them.

65 Go to the movies with them.

I really want to have lunch with these two identical twins.I think they're just amazing with their movie, and everything.I hope they will still carry on. And it will be a honour to meet them.

Life at the Life Education Caravan

At the life education we had learnt about . If we didn’t have lungs, we would die. The life education was really interesting for me. And I found our that their is only 9 things that our body needs, and that is

Sleep: Sleep is very important because it wastes the bad food.
Water: Of course you need water.Because it good for your blood and for everything.

Oxygen: we need oxygen like air.Because we need energy, energy can be added with carbohydrates.

Safety: Our body really needs safety, so we won’t hurt our sleeves. Like our finger got jammed on the door. That what happen if you don’t take care of yourself.

Exercise : We need exercise to kill the fatness. But not just the fatness the tiredness and the laziness thing, people have in them.

Food: We need to eat so that our body can be stronger and fit for everything you're doing.

Love: We need love, so that we respect people and families.

Shelter: We need to stay inside the house, when it is a hot day. Or else we will get skin cancer or infection from the sun. Because the sun is really strong for us.

Bath: You have to have a bath so that your body can be clean and ready for everything you are doing.

So that is the 9 things what our body needs in the mean times.But REMEMBER  to use it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Weaving Island mats.

Displaying photo.JPGDisplaying photo.JPG  Displaying photo.JPG

Today we had our assembly, and we also had our weaving mats with us. It was a hard work, to do our weaving mats.About the weaving mats, it helps us to remember about Kindness. 


My holidays

My Experience about my Holidays.
In the holidays It was sad/good. Most of the time I was in bed you know why.  Because I didn’t really have time to do look in school bag or read a book. I  only felt better the day before last week or maybe before then.

I had a sore Stomach , it was aching and I felt something was inside of me.Then a few days it got better.
Then one day in the holiday, my Grandma went oversea.It was good she went with her brother and her Nephews.So that she follow them, while in her wheelchair.She can’t really walk well. But it was okay for her to go on a wheelchair.

We worked up around 4 or 5. To get her stuff in the van,before she’s ready.When we arrived there it was really packed.I felt happy because all of her stuff weight less. So that was a good thing.When we finished we said goodbye.

The time was 5:00 and we went for walk.Lucky we were wearing our running shoes. When we got back home, we had breakfast and do some cleaning.

On friday we went and brought I and my sister some clothes for sunday. Because that was the big day for everyone in my church. We had to read out our lesson out,  It was called Fakame.At the end we had a feed. Then School tomorrow.  The end :)

My Procedural Writing

12.05.14 Procedural Writing

How to make yummy Pancakes!

Ingredients:  Flour, 1 milk,  3 or 2 eggs sugar, Butter, 1 syrup,   1 whipped cream,  enough chocolate  buttons,   enough Strawberries,

Equipments:   1 Mixing bowl,  1 whisk,  1 Frying pan,  1 teaspoon,  1 Spatula,  enough plates,  enough forks for those who are eating and enough Knifes for those who are eating.

STEP 1:  First wash your hands clean, then wash your fruits and put them in the fridge to cool. After that we get a bowl and pour some flour in  and eggs, milk, and get  the tsp for the sugar. But just a whole tsp.Then start mixing it until it soft and smooth.

Turn the stove and probably go with it to 4 or 5 . And put your pan in the stove. Then put some butter in, and wait until it sizzling.While the mixing is soft or smooth. Just pour some into the pan. And it will turn in a circle, like a pancake.

When you’re done, you get  3 or 2 pancake onto your plates and the get finally get your strawberries. And put it on the side and with the whip cream just move it around the pancakes. And sprinkle some chocolate buttons around.

Then get your forks and knifes and then serve. :) THE END

My Reflection for this morning

23.05.2014 -Reflection
This morning for prayers we were talking about R.E, about the scripture  that we were reading about.It was about how Jesus told the Disciples about Heaven, and how he is the way the truth and the life.

Jesus  told his disciples there are plenty of room in his father’s house, what he meant was his father accepts every one of us.  

Jesus is one with the father, and the father is one with him.

Monday, May 19, 2014

GLOSS TEST !!! (anxiously )

Their Is GLOSS TEST today. Really and I am really anxiously at the moment.
And It's maths, I am really not good at maths. But hopeful I will do well. :/

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

In the story, all the believers were gathered in one place. Suddenly they heard a noise from the sky,which sounded like a strong wind blowing, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.Then the saw lots of fire and it spread out and touched each person there. And they were all filled with the holy spirit. And they everyone in the house started to speak in their own languages, as the spirit enabled them to speak. Their lots of different people there that were talking in their own languages, so what i think is that  before when the pentecost came, they were all scared because the person that they believed in, he died. But Jesus  told his people that something is going to happen. So when the holy spirit came into them they were happy, so their believed in Jesus got stronger and Stronger. Because of what the holy Spirit.


Dear Holy Spirit,
Thank you for going in through people who have weak believe in Jesus. Help them to know that Jesus is always their for them. And always give strength to the  people who is feeling so small inside them. And they feel like that the world doesn’t care about them. Please Holy spirit go through them and make them that the world need their voices