Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Equation :1000 - 238 = ? - Show me

In this little clip it shows how I solved my question. My question is 1000 - 238 = ? It shows step by step how I figured it out. It was a tough round for me but I managed to finish it.First I had to watch the others, so that I know what I was doing. :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

X country

This video is about X country, it was a wonderful day and it was sunny, we all did it after the feast day of St. Pius.

Taekwon-do :)

Opening Statement (sentence) -”Whoa, we-have- taekwon-do”.

This very bad day, room 7 has Taekwon-do on every Monday.It wasn't that cold when we took our shoes off.First of all we had warm ups, then into the activty. During.During the middle session, it was difficult for me because we had to jump,spin and kick and also do the cross hit.

But I managed to get through it.At the end we were playing games, the first games was shoulder tap, rabbit and rats and then the last games was use virtues words.

I had an amazing day at taekwon-do because I mostly learnt new kicks and some moves.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Feast day of St pius

This video was about the Feast day of Saint Pius, it sunny and amazing. :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Maths test

I am just getting better, at maths.

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Expressive Writing :) Happy birthday :)

Tuesday 26th August 2014- Expressive writing

"Happy birthday, Zheiyna", I said to her. It her birthday today, and she is turning thirteen.My present were supposed to be chocolate but then my mum didn't get them.

So then I saw some chocolate cakes in my bag, and I decide I should give them to her, because she loves chocolate so much, but then she gave it back to me because her bag was so full, or something like that.
I'm glad she turned thirteen, but she is not here at school, but I think she is probably at home taking care of her sickness,

 "Happy birthday", Zheiyna from Hola :)

(This is my best piece of expressive writing )

A fact about Spain :)

Here is a fact about spain.
Soccer is the most important sport in spain, because it is likely their religious. 

It is important for me to know that because my religious is different from theirs, and maybe one day I might go to spain.

Sacrament of Baptism

My group made this Flyer, and our Sacrament is Baptism, and our symbols is: Holy water, Charism Oil, white cloth and the candle.

Our Scripture is from Matthew 28:9 and our words are : I baptized you in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit.

But it is only me so I am on behalf of them. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Facts about Spain- ! Soccer !

Here is a fact about Spain, Soccer is the most important sport in Spain, and it is likely their religious.

It is important for me to know that because my religious is different and maybe one day I might go their and see different things in Spain, so it good to know.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fraction Problem :)

This is my Fraction problem and what I did was divide the 5 with 30 and that was 6.Then 3 times 6 equal 18.So the answer is 18 :)

Takwondo :)

In this session room 7 did the combination kick  and we also did the shield, block and punch and that's when you step forward, and our coach's name is Mrs U.


Here is a group that was performing to us at glen inns school their group is called " WALA FOR LIFE". Their are students from St Pius x that were volunteered to play the instrument.We got to know all of their names and it was cool to see them play and perform for us.

Ambury Farm :)

We are feeding the coats it was cool and  my favorite part of feeding the coat is that they lick the food off from your hand.I have a amazing time their and it was lovely to meet the animals.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Move Note - Fraction

We solved our maths problem by using is a clip of it.

Spanish Conversation

This is my move note. I am holding or in other words carrying on a conversation in Spanish, 
and becoming more confident in using that language.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Expressive Writing Day 2!

"I can't wait for technology excitedly ,I said.Their's going to be netball, tonight.Tuesdays are my favourite, because their a stuff that I like doing in the mean time.

I am also on peace's officers, and it's good to be one because you can monitor our school and see how things are going.I like doing, being a peace officer because you can solve people's problem and help them, and you can even play with the younger ones too.IF you guys were peace officers, you'll have so much fun, and if you can't solve their problem, then send them to the peace room, and the teachers will solve them.

So become one and you pretty enjoy ! The day :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Expressive Writing :)

“Last day of the week, gonna enjoy my day”, I said.So work hard,hola.To start of with the day is going to church.I had an speech,and even impressed because every time I had one,I’ll always assume that I’ll fail, in my speech.

But then, when I stood up and said my speech, I felt their was another person in me, I was just standing there and opening my mouth, doing nothing,but words were coming out of my mouth.When I finally had, finished I was so elated about my speech, I hope I’ll keep on doing that on every speeches I do.

This was the best day of my life, I presume because this whole week I have been enjoying my day, and also learning new things,and it's just been great. I hope next week will be the same as today also enjoy your weekends and please keep room 7 as us, in your prayers. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome! back

Welcome everyone, It's been a very long time to be on this.But I will be blogging, I hope you're weekends are great and I am going to be back.Please check this out and always know I am still blogging, but are little busy. Always on the line :0

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Expressive Writing!!! Please Check it out!

I wish I was born in the Olden days.Why? because if I was their, I would actually see the difference from now on.We have mobiles and Cars to take children to school, and new stuff.

But they don't, they walk to school.I love helping people and listening to their story,and I was wondering why? are people telling others new stories like: Harry potter and the cat in the hat.Instead of telling others stories that they love.

Also when we little ones, tells the Adults, new things they say"We already know".WHAT? How? do you have this camera spying on  me or do you guys have super powers, to know what I am going to say to you.Then I realized it,because they were born before us.

 I've always wished I was born on the first day of the year.Because I always wanted to see the difference or maybe it will be cooler.So here is a message to us younger ones.Please don't think you are smarter than your parents or  Older ones, Yes! us kids.Because they know much more about us and so many more. :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Maths Goals on Animate

This is my maths goals, sorry I couldn't get something instead of a link...But yeah.. ENJOY

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Maths WHIZZ!

Lately I have been on maths whizz, and I am doing really well. I really enjoy it, and I go on when I don’t have anything to do.

I love maths whizz because they teach us stuff that we don’t know or want to know, and I love the way I solve problem, it just makes me wanna do it again and again.Maths Whizz rules, and it’s so fun and you can learn anything from it.


Milk Experience



WHAT YOU NEED: a selection of 3 different type of milk
clear container

WHAT TO DO: Put  an equal volume of each type of milk in a clear container
Place each container in the freezer
Record what happens to each type of milk as it freezes.  Note its colour, texture and shape.
Record the time it takes to each variety to freeze.

These are our suggestion for how many minutes these types of milk

will take if it was in the freezer. 

Type of milk
what it looked like once it had frozen
Time taken to freeze
Up & go (chocolate milk)
Icy, cold, will not be runny.
30 minutes
Condensed milk
Light colour, Little bit sticky, Little bit gooey
An hour
Blue top
Icy, Cold,still runny
25 Minutes

Conclusion:While the Up & Go and Blue top did freeze, but the Condensed milk didn't freeze and it was still running but slow. Also it was cold,but the  condensed milk didn't freeze because the water had already remove. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs. Pole's Farewell mass

What was the important thing in the mass?

The Important thing in the mass was my speech. Because If I Messed up, everyone is going to laugh, Which it did. Because at mass I  went up and also wished the speech that I am going  say would be another day or it will be finished by now.Then I said some few words.

Then I went blank, I didn’t know what to say next, then I’ve realize I’ve got the microphone and  accidentally said ” OMG”, because I was so scared they all had their eyes on me.

Then everyone was laughing but I wasn't paying attention to the crowd. I was trying to remember my words, but I knew them well. But I don’t know what was wrong.

I think, inside of me was just frozen. Then it came to me slowly, When I finished, I got’s some lay and gave it to her kids..But unless, I made the crowd laugh today.

So that was a happy ending for,me  to cheer me up.But I only knew when the mass was finished. The end :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy 2 Birthday Crystallani Vave :)

Happy Birthday Crystallani Lupei Vave.

Dear Crystal,

I know you have your birthday today, and of course you’re turning 2.
I hope you have the best birthday of your life.Also tell your dad to do something for your birthday.

Sorry if I don’t have anything to you, but my present is I’m glad you’re alive.And your here with us today and always forever.

I will miss you if you go to the island or something.But I’ll always remember and your even having the best of your live, their if you go.

I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Also the first photo is when she was small but she is aright like the last photo.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am the King

I am the King.
10.06.14- I AM THE KING

This morning for reading I've read a book called” I am the king”.

I picked this book because how I saw it, I think it funny and it looks good to read.
So the story is about these animals, and their were all friends. One day turtle came with this big, bright crown. Saying he’s is the king. His friends burst out laughing. “You’re not the king, said Goat.

All of Turtles friends were fighting over who is the king.So every person in Turtles friends had a try. Every in Turtles friends didn't seem there were the king.Even Turtle, then came monkey, his tricky so he stole the crown and ran, he didn't stop until.......

He stopped at Lion, Everyone was stopped too, they watched what will lion do to monkey?So lion took the crown and put it on his head....Everyone gasped and said” It fits perfectly, HE IS THE KING. Hoo- ray...... ;)

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Baptism of Jesus

Jesus was baptised by John in the Jordan.Then Jesus was coming up of the water.He then saw heaven torn open and spirit den-sending him like a dove.Then a voice was called like this:  “You are my Son, I love with you,  I am well pleased.”

Sam the Bear

Sam the Bear
Sam the  Bear.

About this book, I think it’s sweet to have someone near you when you are by yourself.
So for this story it is about this bear who this girl called”Sue”.Loves, He lives in Sue’s Bed.  If only he was real , and could with sue. He wishes that he would jump out of bed and play with sue, instead of staying in bed.

THE MAIN IDEA: Sam wants to enjoy his time with sue, and play with her.

Friday, May 30, 2014

How to be a friend :)

how to be a friend
Learning Intention - Procedural writing.

How to a be a friend. While when you be friend with someone, that is being friends.But not like that,  you have to respect them and care for them especially use kindness. Help them when they need your help, become a really good friend with them.

And you should be lucky you’re surround with your friends.You should encourage them with everything they're doing. And when their on a team like netball. Go and cheer you might not know that it really show them you care.

Like me, my best friend is Sonya and she’s comes and support me on every game. And it really make my heart feels like she really does care. And she is always their when she needs my help.

And I am so lucky she is my best friend, because she helps me all the time. And I hope all of you’s out their, have really good friends.

Reflection- WIND

WIND- Fiction book

today I have been reading this book called"Wind".

Wind is air, and it moves in the air.We can feel it, but we can't see it.The wind pump Bring the water up from under ground. Wind moves blades on machines to make energy for use to use. Some plants use wind to spread their seeds and it called"Fluffy dandelion".

Some birds use the wind to help the, take off and fly.Their are lots of different things that wind can do. It can make hot air- balloon and waves for  people who goes and surfs or surfboard. The end 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Old testament

The Old Testament - About Noah and the flood

In the old testament Noah had three sons, and his wife. Noah had no faults and he was the only good man of his time.He lived in fellowship with God.

But everyone on god's sight was evil.Then God said to Noah" I am going to destroyed all of the people who are evil.So I want you to build a boat, go with your wife and sons in their and also take the animals.

God said to Noah" I am going to send rain that will fall for forty days.Noah was six hundred years old when the flood came on the earth.

After forty days Noah opened a window and sent out a raven.It did not come back, but it kept on flying around until the water was completely gone.

Then God and Noah promised that their will never be a flood again. And then there were no many evil people.

Reflection- The big race

The Big Race - a fiction book,
(The Big race )

Illustrated by -John Kurema
Written by - Jen Storer

The main characters
- Danny
- Ali  (best friend)
-Monty (Danny’s dog)
-Dad (Danny’s dad)
- Mr Claws ( Next door neighbours cat’s)
- Jings- (friend)
- Gums ( Danny's baby sister.
-Aldo (Danny's Parrot)
-Mum(Danny's mum)

The book I had read was about the big race.The big race was bullied at danny’s back yard.It was going to be Danny's big race he had set up. He and Ail were going to race. Danny was lifting cans of food to make his arms strong.

When Ail came, the race began. Dad and gum were watching the big race.Then Ail said to Danny."Who is going to time us". Said Ail. Danny's said" I am". Ail said" Your going to make it up". Then they heard Jings " I'll do it". With my new stop watch.

Danny and Ail looked at each other , they nodded at each other. Then the big race began. Ail was first to start. When Ail was running, the crowd was cheering for Ail. Danny said "the timer can't cheer". But Jings said" This one is".

Ail ran and ran until she climb up and saw a cat as in Mr Claws, Danny forget to tell Ail about that. When Mr Claw saw Ail, Ail frozen with fear. Lucky Danny's dad said"Stop". Jings stopped the watch.

Danny's dad took Mr claws out of the tree and he ran under the house. Then Ail jumped down while shaking. He started to puff- and puff, Also push up, but push up Ail is really good in it.

Ail went again twice. Then finally she finished.Now it was Danny's turn, Everybody's eyes was on him, even Mr claws. Danny ran and ran and he was at the basketball shoot. He only missed a few shoot, but he still carried on.

When Danny climbed the tree, Mr claws was up on his branch in seconds.He said to Mr claws" N- n-nice Kitty, Mr claws didn't moved. Then Monty came and barked at Mr claws.

Danny said to Monty" to Be quite because he is making Mr claws angry. Then Jings and Ail said" Don't give up", Don't give up. Danny was brave now he said Scat cat. He saw Mr Claws eye was looking like it to going to popped. Mr claws ran away. 

Ail and Jings said to Danny" Good one Danny". When Danny finished, he was puffing. Then he said to Jings,"what's my time". "Oops" said Jings We got messed up because we were watching you got their with Mr Claws, and you were the first kid to stand up to Mr claws.

Then Dad said" While It was the best big race ever". Then Danny said" It was the best Scat cat race ever". The End :)