Friday, February 27, 2015

Learning Journey 2015

Learning Area
Feed forward
This week for maths test, It was great. It’s also great because the teacher’s are going to know what we know and what we don’t.
Next time, for my maths test, I’ll try my best.So that I can be where I'm supposed and learn new things too.
This week for my reading test, some of the questions were easy, but amount of them were difficult.
But it’s good, because I can learn from that.
Next time for reading, I’ll read lots of books and try to think aloud and also try answers questions about what I read.
For my writing test, I think I did great.First I didn't know what to write about.But I thought about it.And I found it.
Next time for writing test, I’ll use similes in my writing and interesting words.
For Religious Education, I learnt about the station of the cross.
Next time I will try to learn about the Liturgical Calendar.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My holiday recount writing

First, at church, the members from the chorus group, told everyone in church, that we will go and spend the day at, up north, since it was public holiday.They said there is this beautiful beach called” Orewa “.Everyone got excited about it.The next morning, we organise our stuff and food, cause where we're going is far and its going to be long.I definitely brought sunblock, and my glasses, because my eye was swollen and if i don't take my glasses, it’ll be worse, the next day. Anyway, we made it, up north, but it was really difficult to find my nena and the others.But, lucky my GPS was on...When we were finally at the beach. I jumped out of the van, i could see the beach...It was lovely, beautiful. I was so happy, that I was going to get my change.....But, then I remember, I still had my swollen eye.
Secondly, we sat down with the church members, and we had a blast, by playing cards and playing different kinds of activities.We were also facing the beach. I couldn't take it any more, i was thinking in my mind. “What do I do”? or “Should I touch the beach with my legs”?... So I thought, yeah I should. So I went away from where we were sitting, to the beach.
My feet were in, I could just feel I was in heaven, right now. So, I looked around and see, if anyone in my family saw me.Because, if they did.I’ll be in trouble and also be embarrassed.
I moved up a little and the waves was getting higher and higher.Than I thought, it not that bad, if I wet my legs and hands.

Furthermore, I did it, and I didn't know their was these kids playing with their surfboard.So they bumped me down... and of course I got wet... I panicked so I got up, and wiggled and try to dry myself by facing the sun. That took forever,but it worked.So then it was lunch, and that was good because I was starving.When everyone was done eating.They went back, to the beach.It annoyed me, because all the kids asked me if I'm swimming.So I told my mum, if I could go to where my older sister was.A few people were their,but it was way better than where my church members were staying.I stayed there until my mum, called me, and that was time to go home.
On the way home I fell asleep on the way.

Conclusion: I really had fun on my holiday and wished I could do it all again.

Welcome to my 2015 Journey