Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My life in Room 6 :)

My life in Room 6 is great because everybody is staying on task and finishing their work on time. Some people sadly just sit down and talk throughout the whole subject which isn’t great.

Basically it’s peaceful in our classroom when we group up together for team work because we do more work.
It’s really great to spend time with our pacific teacher Mr.Slade, but at some points in time he just likes to have personal space.

In room 6 we have been working on writing throughout the whole week, like a day or a week at the moment. Mostly we get on with our writing. I like our teacher because he is sporty and he looks like a teacher.

Most of the time people in our classroom are mates, we get to help each other. We have learnt lots of things with Mr. Slade but mostly it is just writing. I think he likes writing more than any other subject. When it comes up to art he is really into it because he loves drawing, Telling us  how do we do it.

Mr. Slade is cool and Miss  Leaupepe (she was our teacher last term so she only taught us on 2 terms), She taught us lots and lots of things but it was mostly maths, I like maths but sometimes  I don’t seem to get it.