Friday, March 30, 2012

My Soul Friend

A soul friend is a person that you look after and share things with like how you feel. I have to respect my 2 soul-friends as well as they have to respect me. I really care about my soul friend a lot because they are the best.

My soul friend name is Alex and Catherine. Catherine is 9 years old like me, she is in Room 3 with me. we are best friends. We help each other in everything at school. She likes to walk home with her brother. Also she likes playing new games on her new netbook. When she talks and sings her words makes me laugh so loud that I nearly get a heart attack.

Alex is 7 years old, he is in Room 4. he likes to go outside and play with his friend. He likes to go School with his sister Kristina and he likes to go to the Zoo .

When I was at the St Patrick’s Mass with my Soul friend we sang the St Patrick Song and we had lots of fun. When we all got out side Father Iosefa Hi 5 all of us who had came out side. After that Miss Williams said to go with your Soul Friend and take them back to class.

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