Thursday, April 26, 2012


Oktapodi and his girlfriend were having a loving time, when one of the fisherman came and took Oktapodi girlfriend. Oktapodi saw the emblem on the man’s van it was a man who was a chef and has knife and an octopus on the plate. Oktapodi eyes were shocked. A few minutes later Oktapodi jumped out of his home and went to get his girlfriend. After that the fisherman got ready to go. Oktapodi went more faster and he  grabbed the edge of the van. Oktapodi went forward to see where his girlfriend was. The fisherman eyes were shocked and he scream"ahhhhhhhh.......”. The fisherman punched Oktapodi...... while the wheel went the other way, he said “ahhh.....” again. Later on Oktapodi was on the wipers and the Fisherman  turned the wipers on. The wipers went the other side and then the other side. The pink Octopus got out of the box, she pulled the stopping thing and the van stopped. While the van stopped Oktapodi and his girlfriend got out of the window, but the fisherman got dizzy. The 2 Octopus’ jumped to the water. While they were started to jump the fisherman woke up and saw them getting ready to jump. The fisherman got ready to catch Them. The pink Octopus  looked back and saw the fisherman come to catch them. They jumped to the water and they hop, hop, hopped, until they fell into the bouncing ball. While the fisherman kept on following the 2 Octopus he got both of them. When the fisherman got them he swashed them 2 times and the 2 Octopus’  did some black thing on the fisher man’s face. Later on the fisherman let them both go. When the fisherman let them go they got hung up. After that the fisherman dropped into the water the 2 Octopus’ were still hanging on the wire. After that there was a bird coming to get Oktapodi and the  pink Octopus had to try to get Okatapodi. My opinion of this movie was funny because how the girlfriend was not happy when the bird took Okatapodi.

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