Friday, May 11, 2012


On Tuesday it was basketball. We were all excited, and it was a sunny beautiful day. When we all reached to the tennis court we saw Coach Bruce and Dwayne. We saw a bag full of balls and there were some cones.

Coach Bruce told us to use one hand and keep your eyes on the ball when we were running. When we started our games all we had to do was run to the red cones and run to the white cones also the yellow cones. When we finished running to the cones we had to shoot the ball, if we missed 3 times then we had to pass it to the other person in our team. Coach Bruce picked some of the teams. The names were Lakers, Giant, Breakers and Bulls. It was pretty fun and some people wanted to play again. We played the game 2 times and the people  cheered. When we just finished that game we played another game, it was running and picking up the coloured cones. Our one was white and the other teams had blue, yellow and red. The Lakers team won many, many times. Rachel took the last cone so they won that game.

It was Room 4’s time to come and play Basketball we had to leave. Miss G told us to say thank you to Coach Bruce and Dwayne and then we went to class.  


folauhola said...

I enjoyed doing Basketball,

first of all I would like to say the hard thing was running side way and shooting the hops.
And next time I"ll should not say that running and shooting is the hard thing because I"ve have netball,And running. How many time I came 1st or 2st And Better be fast to run so I could let my team win for the next time as I go.

Sarah said...

I am pleased you are enjoying the basketball. We are very lucky to have the coaches with us this term. Just make sure that you read your comment before you post it as this is a bit mixed up!

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