Saturday, October 20, 2012

The mysterious stone

One day, John was sitting in the seat with his lunch box, he picked up his sandwich and he ate it. Once he ate it there was a stone that fell down from the sky into his lunch box.

He wondered what it was, then he looked at his lunch box and he was afraid of it because it was shiny and it was hot.
The bell rang and he was in a hurry so he shut his lunch box and ran to class.

After that his friends saw the shiny stone in his lunch box. John’s friends said "hey John what do you have there in your lunch box”, “Nothing” replied John. He put his lunch box in his bag covering it with his jacket, and he whispered to himself and to the to his lunch box "do not move”.

He went to class and Mrs Elisey said to John "have you finished your homework”. “Yes” replied John to Mrs Elisey. "Good now everybody we will be doing our reading for 4 minutes" said Mrs Elisey to the class. The clock turned and the children were happy because they did not want to do their reading because it was quite boring. Mrs Elisey said to the children "be quiet, I know you guys want to play but you have to finish your reading". The bell rang, the children were happy and they went outside and got their lunch and ate it.

Suddenly it was time to go back home, Miss Elisey said to everyone in her class “please everyone you have to finish your reading okay”. They heard the bus "hurry up we are going to miss the bus”, Kate said.

The stone was getting hotter in John’s lunch box and the lunch box was on fire, also the bag was hot. John felt the bag and he got the stone out of his lunch box and put the stone next to him together with his jacket. John touched the stone and said to himself “I wish the bus would go faster” and the stone got shiny and the stone made John wish true.

John went home running to his room getting a hammer then he smash it and it broke into pieces. John left his room to find something to eat but once John went back to the stone had fixed itself, John wished he had a drink and suddenly it appeared. John said “I can have this stone, it has power and it is magic”.

John lived with the stone forever and he said anything he want and it appeared.

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