Friday, July 25, 2014

My Expressive Writing!!! Please Check it out!

I wish I was born in the Olden days.Why? because if I was their, I would actually see the difference from now on.We have mobiles and Cars to take children to school, and new stuff.

But they don't, they walk to school.I love helping people and listening to their story,and I was wondering why? are people telling others new stories like: Harry potter and the cat in the hat.Instead of telling others stories that they love.

Also when we little ones, tells the Adults, new things they say"We already know".WHAT? How? do you have this camera spying on  me or do you guys have super powers, to know what I am going to say to you.Then I realized it,because they were born before us.

 I've always wished I was born on the first day of the year.Because I always wanted to see the difference or maybe it will be cooler.So here is a message to us younger ones.Please don't think you are smarter than your parents or  Older ones, Yes! us kids.Because they know much more about us and so many more. :)

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