Thursday, August 16, 2012

Olympics torch

I saw the flame on the stadium and it was colourful.

The flame was made of metal copper and the flame will be blown out when the olympics games will be off.

Each of the countries had a flower petal from the torch at the end of the game.

The olympics was came and made from greece and the olympics name was changed it was changed to olympic and when the countries had some supe super winners they came and join the olympic from greece and the olympic name was changed into olympics.

If the flame is blown off then that means the olympic is finished, and all the people who came from different country are already gone back to their own place with a gold or a sliver or a bronze.

If you go near the olympics torch you will be hot and the olympics torch fire was by the matches.

It hot when you get near it beside you will get really hot by that time the torch is colourful and it very nice when it is in the stadium.

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