Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lego story

At 1932, in Billund, Switzer there was a man called Oli and he was a carpenter, he had four sons and a wife, but Oli’s wife had past away.

Oli was a special man and he could do anything. Oli  began to carry on with his carpentry and made money for his son.

He started thinking as to what shall he could do. He began to make wooden toys that could move. He began to sell the toys, but the toys that Oli had made struggled to sell. But one night there was bad storm and the workshop caught on fire. Oli had lost his stuff in the fire.

Later,Oli got some men to build the new workshop. Then Oli started to give a name to his toys. Oli thought his company needed a short name.He found a the word LEGOHT which mean play well.Oli decided to call the company Lego. Since Oli lived in 1990’s, Oli did not have plastic which to start off with, all his toys were wooden. Oli then found a machine that could  make plastic toys.

Oily died and Godfrey was by his self to run the company, but still Godfrey keep on going and Godfrey’s idea grew, and grew. Godfrey had his own airport in 3 years and then, he got an idea that he was going to build an amusement park called Lego Land.

The Lego business  turned out to be good and it was getting better everyday.The thing that I really like, is that Oli and Godfrey tried their best and never gave up. I think Lego is still a big business, so well done to Godfrey and to Oli.

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