Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Practised Prompt 5

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.There names were Jamie and Mike.Mike was an actor.But he makes his own movies with these people. Jamie is his sister.Mike’s job is to find one person to act with him in his movie this year.So that it could be out on the 30th of July.The movie was about a guy who petrade her own sister for 14 years.One day, Jamie had to go to school.MIke had to go to his job every morning at 7:00.Also Jamie was always early to school, at the right time, because of MIke.When MIke went to his Job he saw his boss waiting for me outside.

When MIke out of his car he speed walked to his boss.When he got there. His boss said”Well done Mike , you made it”.Mike Laughed.Then they went inside.When they got inside MIke had to go and changed into his clothes that he was suppose to be in.Then the movie started.When it got to 10:00 then they stop the movie.Because they started the movie from 7:00 all the way to 10:00.They had finished the part of the brother.But next they had to find a girl to do the part of the sister.When Mike’s Job was finished he went to pick up Jamie from school, at 11:00.So When Jamie and Mike got home Mike was thinking about who will get the part for the sister.So Mike think and think until it was 9:00.Then he thought it should be Jamie her sister because she is a little bit crazy I think and a little bit shy. In the morning Mike told his boss that Jamie should take the part for the sister.The boss agreed with what Mike had planned.In the eyeing Mike told Jamie that she should take the part of his movie..Jamie said”Okay.Mike said”great I will call my boss.Then in the morning Jamie didn't went to school.She went to Mike’s job the part.When they got there Mike said to his boss”Boss this is my sister Jamie.And Jamie said”HI.


tokilupe said...

Hi Folauhola, I am glad that you written more words at 20 mins. I hope you did enjoy writing your prompt with Room 3 keep up the good work Folauhola! :) bye

Richie said...

i like your practice prompt 5 i like that when jamie said hi

Folauhola said...

Thank you :)

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