Thursday, December 5, 2013

The three boys

One day there were 3 boys.They lived in Suva, Fiji. Their names were Sam, Peter and Chris.They lived near the sea.One day they went fishing so they could get some fish for dinner that tonight.When they went fishing, they saw the sea was unsettled .They had no idea what to do. Suddenly Sam up with a plan to get three spears which they could use to fish in the shallow waters rather than going into the deep where it was unsettled. They all agreed with Sam’s Idea.

When they came back from getting the spears the sea seemed like it was going low tide, which meant the fish were leaving into the deep. So they came up with another idea to set the fishing nets while the sea was shallow and the next high tide they will hopefully have caught some fish. They tied the net to a nearby tree and dragged the into the sea, the water was very shallow so it was easy. After setting up the nets they waited for the next high-tide.

When the high tide came the had to wait another 2 hours to let the net trap some fish. When they pulled up the net there were plenty of fish and they fish for dinner, there were so many fish that they had alot of leftover fish which they ate the next day.

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