Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Writing Term 1 Basketball

Tuesday 11 February 2014

In the morning we went into the court for KiwiSport.  It was Basketball,. Our Coaches’ name is Vinny. Vinny taught us new skills, like bongo dribbling , pivot, dribble, and also a trick with the ball. First of all,
we ran around the courts as a warm up and then we started to learn some new skills.

We learnt the bongo dribble and how to pass the ball to our  partners.  Next boys and girls were split up into two teams. There were three balls in each hoop.The game that we played was about, whoever got the first shoot they come to the other side and shoot again.

If the girls or the boys put their ball back into the hoops before the whistle blows then the other set of 3 could go.
The boys went ahead of us, but at the end the girls won the final. So it looked like it was a tie. I had a great time with everyone also Vinny. My  favourite part from playing basketball was the last game, and the warm up too.

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