Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing Term 1

Monday February 10 2014

One of the fun things I did in the holidays was participating in a church tag competition.There were many churches involved in the competition held at Mangre park.I met lots of people and made new friends.
I enjoyed playing and my church won two competitions. Every one in my church was over the moon.

Other time in my holidays were boring, because all i did was sit on the couch looking at the TV. I wanted to do something like go Shopping, instead of staying at home just like a dead frog.

Last of all what i did in my holiday was the sad moment. Was when My oldest sister and her 2 kids, when had to go to Tonga.It is pretty hot out there.But for the rest of the day there gonna have fun out there.But I realize there gonna be back for 3 months.

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