Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am the King

I am the King.
10.06.14- I AM THE KING

This morning for reading I've read a book called” I am the king”.

I picked this book because how I saw it, I think it funny and it looks good to read.
So the story is about these animals, and their were all friends. One day turtle came with this big, bright crown. Saying he’s is the king. His friends burst out laughing. “You’re not the king, said Goat.

All of Turtles friends were fighting over who is the king.So every person in Turtles friends had a try. Every in Turtles friends didn't seem there were the king.Even Turtle, then came monkey, his tricky so he stole the crown and ran, he didn't stop until.......

He stopped at Lion, Everyone was stopped too, they watched what will lion do to monkey?So lion took the crown and put it on his head....Everyone gasped and said” It fits perfectly, HE IS THE KING. Hoo- ray...... ;)

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