Friday, August 29, 2014

Sacrament of Baptism

My group made this Flyer, and our Sacrament is Baptism, and our symbols is: Holy water, Charism Oil, white cloth and the candle.

Our Scripture is from Matthew 28:9 and our words are : I baptized you in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit.

But it is only me so I am on behalf of them. 

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Folauhola said...

This Flyer was made from my group, I've learnt alot about Baptism and the symbols too, they were : white cloth, candle and the charism oil.We worked as a team.I was on behalf of my class mate, because they weren't their with me.I was scared first, because I wasn't so sure what to say.I really enjoyed making this flyer, with my class mate, because we were working as a team.I love how we are working as a team, because we were communicate about our learning.It was so much fun....:)


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