Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday night we went to the Telstra Clear Center, it was cool. We went there with our parents. We had to go to the special door and Dina spoke to us about what we had to do until it was time to go in.

After that we saw Miss G, and she bought cookies and chocolate, also some cards and games. When the show was starting we got into groups, then we had to go on the stage.

In the theater it was big and dark. The curtain was covering us, then Dina went in to say welcome to everybody in the audience.

The curtain opened and the songs started. Our eyes began to shine because the light was so bright and lots of lights were there and lots of school singing. We couldn’t see any of our parents because it was dark where they were sitting.

We began to sing and then we had a break. I was thirsty, we got a cookies and some chocolate each and we went to the toilet. Dina came into the place that we were sitting and told us that it was time to sing again.

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