Thursday, September 6, 2012

Music Evening

On Friday the 30th, we had a music evening.
The show was starting, so we all clapped for the little ones, when they had finished, the little ones joined with the year 2 so they sang a song.

After that it was room 5’s turn they played the recorder it was so lovely and fancy too, then when they had finished we also clapped as well. Next was the room4 they did the boobeys it was cool the sound was pretty fun as well.

Then it was the noise boy, they play the drums it was a bit loud and noise. Next up was meke dance, some boy were in it, their dance was so cool and the song was fijian, and they did got some money too.

After that it was the room 7 girls they did the the maori haka. it was lovely and nice.
After that it was room 3, we sang a song which is puppet on string and wish you apon a star there was 2 solo’s, it was ana and rachel who was singing it, when it was finished, people had some money. After that it was room 6 turn they were playing music stuff and they play Oh when the  saint goes marching in, and they had money as well.
My favorite part of the show was the meke dance, also the noise boys the drums of the noise boys was loud and cool beat, and the meke dance, I Like the action and the song.

Why? because it was amazing and wonderful too.

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