Tuesday, September 4, 2012

X Country

On friday we had a big race, it was our X country. St Pius X School was going to be doing lots of running.

The juniors were first to start, I was yelling to my little brother “GO! GO!, YOU CAN DO IT?” when I saw my little brother come in, he was the 1st one finished. They had to go to Miss William, tell her which place are they are in, like 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

After that the race went up to year 4 then came to year 5 which is the 9 years old. It was the 9 year girls turn first to race. When we had to start we also took a picture of us, then the race began to start. Miss G, our teacher, said “READY! SET! Go!”, some people run so that they could be the first but they got tired. I was with Ana, we were jogging but when we had run down the hill I was so tired.

We went past the road called Apirana, I started to walk for awhile, then we saw teachers around us we ran, then I left Ana down at the road and it was hot and I was puffing already.

I saw my sister behind me and Catherine so I ran up the hill and I really could hear the people cheering to me. I ran around the court, then when I finished running around the court I came and sat at my number which was 9 year olds. I went to Miss Williams to tell which place I was, I as proud because I came 1st then my sister came 2nd, and Catherine came 3rd.

I was happy because it was a big race and I came first in the 9 year olds.

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