Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Story

Explain you-  Hi my name is Folauhola and I am 10 years old. I am room in 6 and am Year 6. I have 4 brothers, and their names are Sione, David, Malakai and Fotu and 4 sisters including my step sister. There names are Sivihiva, Tokilupe and Leka. My mum’s name is Pa’asi and My dad’s name is Sam. My favourite things to eat are mash potatoes and  fried chicken. I love music, and I sometimes sing along. I love netball and it’s the only thing that I can think of when I start to play.

Explain Hero- My Hero is my step mum Lydia, because she is always there when I need help. Also she is the only one I can talk too  when I am sad. If I can’t concentrate on my work she just helps me to understand things when it’s hard for me. Lydia is the one that I look up too, when I am scared so much.

Explain Future- I want to be a Police, because I think that is a good job for anybody, who actually works hard. Police are a great thing to be, because they can solve problems and stop people by doing the bad things.

Explain Surrounding- I would love to have lots and lots of money and a HUGE 2 story house so that my family can live in it.  

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