Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Salote's Holiday

Tell your holiday:   Salote stayed home and played with her cousins, She played outside riding bikes.  Salote found three kittens, one was grey, blonde and the next one was, black and  grey, also the mother was grey. The grey one was Patience. Also the blonde's kittens  name is Jackie and the black and grey is Jaguar. The mother is AJ. When she found them then she  started feeding them with Whiskers and treats. Also she  got water and poured it into the bowl. On Saturday Salote went to see my niece in the hospital. Her name is Arielle.

Highlight:  When she found the kittens. Jackie and Patience also Jaguarb even AJ.

Low Light;  Staying at home riding bikes with her cousin Joshua, that cry baby. He cries a lot even if you hit him like a bit.

Dreams:  Going to Tonga to see her cousin and aunt also Uncle. Going to go Aussie and U.SA  to see her cousin and nieces and nephews.

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