Wednesday, March 25, 2015

! Hokule'a arrives at New Zealand !

This morning was a very exciting day for all the school cluster.Everyone at school wore their jumpers, they looked very neat.Some of the teachers had their shoes on, for the walk.Everyone was so excited, they started to talk about it. Where we were going was to Pt England Reserve, because the  Hokulea, boat was there.It’s was also their 40 year of Voyaging around the world.

Their were 24 performers, from different other  school performed a haka to the crew. Then the crew, sang a beautiful song in their own languages.They sang beautiful, without the microphones, they also sang clearly and loud too.
When I saw the boat, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was just like in the picture, that my class was looking at it about a week ago.The waves were beautiful, and  the sun reflected on the beach.

At the end, all the schools got to meet the crew.First, it was Pt England to go, they took forever.Some of the schools, were so excited to meet the crew, so bad.So the schools had to run, while hi-fiveing their hands.They were so kind, they greeted their selves to us, when went go past.It was my turn now, I decided to go with one of the teacher phone to greet them while recording.I was happy because when I went past they join in and said “ Hi” or took picture with them. That was one of the best events, the school cluster has been attended to !

I Just can’t believe we meet the crew, plus we saw the boat too.
The Hokulea, is a hawaiian boat and it came to New Zealand 
on 25.03.15.

The boat was also launched on 18.03.1975.

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