Monday, March 30, 2015

Pt England Reserve - Hokulea

In this picture It's shows St Pius sitting down, waiting for the other schools to settle down.
It was a very hot day, lucky the student came with their hats.

Different other schools walked from their school.My thoughts about this picture is that it looked like it was a special time for the Maori and also the elders, to see the Hokulea, their were also people talking photo's of the boat, and the crew.

During this time, I was excited because in the past few weeks my class and I has been learning about the Hokulea, we also saw picture about it too.

At the end, We got to meet the crew, It's was a honour to meet them for the first time.When I went to meet the crew, I took a video of them.I also felt better than excited, I felt overwhelmed by meeting them.

I also saw the boat, It's was beautiful and I also can't believe I actually saw it.

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