Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holy Week

What is Palm Sunday ?
  • The Sunday before Easter
  • When Christ is entered to Jerusalem
  • They celebrate, it by getting palm tree.Image result for palm sunday

What is Holy Thursday ?
  • It’s the day before Easter
  • It’s also the Christians day
  • Maundy thursday celebrate the last supper of Jesus and his Apostles
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What is Good Friday?
  • It’s the day before Easter Sunday
  • It’s also a celebration of Jesus’s death in church
  • It’s  also a traditionally of fasting and penance
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What is Easter Sunday ?
  • The day of Easter is celebrated
  • For Christian they celebrate the rising of Jesus christ’s death
  • Easter begins in the month of April

What is Chrism Mass ?
  • Chrism mass is on holy thursday, and it’s is in the morning
  • In the time of Chrism mass, at church the bishop has three oil, one is: anointing the sick.
  • Chrism mass is also a special time for the Catholics.
Where is it held ?
  • The chrism mass is held at every church.

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