Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing from the Howick Historical Village was when we went on the Scavenger hunt. It was very cool because there were lots of things that weren't from the olden days. It was very sad because there were some people that lived in a tent or a stick house. Some houses were smelly and the walls were covered in wallpaper, it was paper that was old and ripped, also they did not have a sink.

They had a wing thing which was old and you had to hold onto it and swing it up and down and the water would come down. Every house that we went in there were spider webs on the old stuff. There were some tools, they were sharp. Me and my friends thought they were weapons that could kill people in the olden days.

When we went to the next house we saw some pumpkin & some bread, the bread was in tiny squares. After that we saw some shoes, they were made out of wood and they were painted.

Next we went in a house where there were lots and lots of things. There were irons, metal and soap which was so dry. When we went up the stairs to the next room there was lots of toys. The toys was fun to play, then we saw something where we put marbles in. When we put in the marbles it went up and down, low, lower then it came to the end.

We went in a house that was small and there was brush, bed for a baby and one for the mum and dad. The teapot was there, and there was a doll and toothpaste.

When we finished doing the Scavenger hunt we had lunch. That was Big lunch after that we went back to school in the same bus.

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