Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imagination Story

“Wake up Folauhola and go help your Dad. With what  I said.Garden” yelled Mum. I woke up and walked sleepily to the back yard. It was windy and cold, but at once I had to dig a big hole that Dad needed to plant his kumara. I knew I would get heaps warmer by digging that hole. I started to dig and dig, until I reached the bottom of the hole. I looked around and I looked at the bottom where I was standing. There was a brown hole, the ground suddenly broke and I fell into a world that was called Glitter land.
In Glitter Land the floor was bouncing and diamonds were all over the ground as well. The trees and clouds were also shiny and the skies sparkled, and  stars hung up in the trees.

Suddenly I saw a creature coming towards me. The creature had 4 eyes, half hands, his skin was slimy, and he was huge. I was shaking but at once I had to meet me I Was not shaking anymore.He suddenly yelled at me,he yelled at me by saying his name was Gongo.“Hi my name is Folauhola” I said. He was standing in front of me and thinking where did this young girl came from,Then he gave me a  present. Quiet told that Creation to me and I was quite, “take this to earth and keep it safe.

If you drop that present that I have given to you this world will be destroyed by the Darkness. Darkness has lots of power which they can use to destroy us.” The present was a key, it was gold and it had glitter on it.It beautiful.Thoes the key have a door to open it.Yes it does have a door, it up the mountain.Oh..ok well I better get moving.
I opened my eyes and I was in my backyard with the present still in my hand. I went back to my bedroom and hid it so it was somewhere safe like Gongo had said. Dad shouted at me and said “are you not going to help me Folauhola?” “Yes” I said back to him.  I was just having a rest.

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Miss G said...

Well done with your story Folauhola, you described your parts of the story well. I especially like how Glitter Land looked like :-)

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