Friday, June 8, 2012

Orienteering Recount

On Wednesday in a sunny morning, Mr McGivern came and knocked on the door. Room three were all happy and excited because we were going to do Orienteering.

When Mr McGivern came into our classroom Miss Deeney said to us to listen and come to the mat. Later on Irene (Mr McGivern’s friend) came in. Mr Mc Givern told us about Orienteering and he drew a map,  he drew the table and everything what was in the class but not the chairs, because he said in Orienteering the Chairs move.

He gave me and some other people a yellow paper with a number on it, and a word. After that he told us to go and hide it somewhere. I went and put it next to Miss G’s testing table at the back. When we finished we had to come and tell Mr McGivern where did we hide it. He wrote the number in the broad where he wrote the map. He then told us to grab a pencil and go find the paper, it was very cool and fun. The tricky one was Kilisitina’s because she hide hers under the table. When everyone was ready Mr McGivern said to us “what is the word?” Nobody even know the word so we guessed and guessed but no one got it so Mr McGivern gave us a clue and we worked it out.

After that we got into our maths groups. When we went outside on the field were 2 cones which had a letters on them. We were to the end of the field, and the other group were near the park. When we got ready we had to run around, if you past or missed the word that was on the paper you had to keep on going till you have found it. Irene told us to push all the words till we were finished and no short-cuts we also could only go in one direction.

After that we all had finished and we had to change places. I looked at the word it wasn't the same like the other one. Later on we ran to find the word but it was so easy to find the word because you only had to run. Some people cheated as they played.

After we had finished the bell rang, it was lunch time. So we went to class to get our lunch. I hope we can do some other stuff next week than just running.

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