Friday, June 29, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

When the man was walking to the cross way he almost got bump by the car. Luckily he saw that, then he stopped but the car was waiting for him to go first  then the car can go.  He looked away   but there was another car, and again he was almost hit by a car, but the car stop till he was going first. He was walking with a bag and eating a donut. He came and find a seat outside where he could sit and eat there. After that a bird came flying around. The man opened his suitcase which was full of buttons. The man looked at his donut and gave the bird a piece of it. The bird did not want that little piece of donut he wanted all of the donut. The man ignored the bird then the bird was walking slowly to the donut.While the man was still eating. The bird came and hit the man with his feet. Then the man throw the donut and it hit the suitcase,while the bird was standing on the top of it.When the bird was standing on the top of the man suitcase,Shout! the bird,and then he got to   the man’s bags.When the man was touching his head, he look at is bag,the bird was inside. While the bird was inside  he was looking around  and touching things were Dangers. Then the suitcase was bouncing across,while the bird was inside the suitcase he was bouncing till this ladies came running around and shouting . The bird look at a blue button.He pressed it when up the bomb and explorer  the man.When the man  was on the ground he saw the donut he pick the donut up and went to a car while it was in fire, but the man didn’t really drop the donut he was just pretending. When the bird saw the donut he stop and open the bag of the suitcase.Came out of it.When the bird came out of it the man begins to catch him,  but the bird knew that then the donut fell into the man suitcase.Then the man push the bird away.While the bird  had got pushed,The donut move and touch the big red button and the  press the red button and the rocket went up and flying to Russia.When the rocket went up,the man look at his partner, and thinking what have he done. After that he was pressing exit so that the rocket could not fly to Russia.After that the police came rushing to the rocket so that they can see what happens.When the man was going to go up to the sky to shoot the rocket.There comes the bird,Then the man got ready to go fly up top the sky to the rocket.Soon after that there goes the bird in the air he was going to get his donut in the bag.Then the man got a shoot only one part of the rocket, then the part of the rocket fell and almost went together with the man to earth.But lucky the man saw the rocket coming down.Then the bird came flying to the top of the man’s suitcase and the man was going to shoot  the bird but he’s bomb has been running out  because he has been shooting the rocket till the bird has came up on the top of the suitcase.After that the man had an idea,  his idea was to push the button of open then the suitcase could bump the bird’s face and give his donut to the bird.When the bird had his donut the man started to go and shoot the rocket so that the rocket could not fly to Russia.After that the  man got a shoot on the bottom of the rocket then the rocket explorer as it went into fire.Then the man came down,from the sky then he saw the bird with his donut eating.Later on the man look up the sky that the part of the rocket fell into the sky.When the man look up into the sky he put his Glasses on, he walk away from the bird.Then CASH!the bird got swashed from the rocket then that the End.

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