Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reflection- The big race

The Big Race - a fiction book,
(The Big race )

Illustrated by -John Kurema
Written by - Jen Storer

The main characters
- Danny
- Ali  (best friend)
-Monty (Danny’s dog)
-Dad (Danny’s dad)
- Mr Claws ( Next door neighbours cat’s)
- Jings- (friend)
- Gums ( Danny's baby sister.
-Aldo (Danny's Parrot)
-Mum(Danny's mum)

The book I had read was about the big race.The big race was bullied at danny’s back yard.It was going to be Danny's big race he had set up. He and Ail were going to race. Danny was lifting cans of food to make his arms strong.

When Ail came, the race began. Dad and gum were watching the big race.Then Ail said to Danny."Who is going to time us". Said Ail. Danny's said" I am". Ail said" Your going to make it up". Then they heard Jings " I'll do it". With my new stop watch.

Danny and Ail looked at each other , they nodded at each other. Then the big race began. Ail was first to start. When Ail was running, the crowd was cheering for Ail. Danny said "the timer can't cheer". But Jings said" This one is".

Ail ran and ran until she climb up and saw a cat as in Mr Claws, Danny forget to tell Ail about that. When Mr Claw saw Ail, Ail frozen with fear. Lucky Danny's dad said"Stop". Jings stopped the watch.

Danny's dad took Mr claws out of the tree and he ran under the house. Then Ail jumped down while shaking. He started to puff- and puff, Also push up, but push up Ail is really good in it.

Ail went again twice. Then finally she finished.Now it was Danny's turn, Everybody's eyes was on him, even Mr claws. Danny ran and ran and he was at the basketball shoot. He only missed a few shoot, but he still carried on.

When Danny climbed the tree, Mr claws was up on his branch in seconds.He said to Mr claws" N- n-nice Kitty, Mr claws didn't moved. Then Monty came and barked at Mr claws.

Danny said to Monty" to Be quite because he is making Mr claws angry. Then Jings and Ail said" Don't give up", Don't give up. Danny was brave now he said Scat cat. He saw Mr Claws eye was looking like it to going to popped. Mr claws ran away. 

Ail and Jings said to Danny" Good one Danny". When Danny finished, he was puffing. Then he said to Jings,"what's my time". "Oops" said Jings We got messed up because we were watching you got their with Mr Claws, and you were the first kid to stand up to Mr claws.

Then Dad said" While It was the best big race ever". Then Danny said" It was the best Scat cat race ever". The End :)

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