Friday, May 30, 2014

How to be a friend :)

how to be a friend
Learning Intention - Procedural writing.

How to a be a friend. While when you be friend with someone, that is being friends.But not like that,  you have to respect them and care for them especially use kindness. Help them when they need your help, become a really good friend with them.

And you should be lucky you’re surround with your friends.You should encourage them with everything they're doing. And when their on a team like netball. Go and cheer you might not know that it really show them you care.

Like me, my best friend is Sonya and she’s comes and support me on every game. And it really make my heart feels like she really does care. And she is always their when she needs my help.

And I am so lucky she is my best friend, because she helps me all the time. And I hope all of you’s out their, have really good friends.

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