Monday, May 26, 2014


Kindness !

kindness is when you show everyone the virtues of kindness so that,  others can show others, the virtues of kindness.

Firstly :  Kindness is when you share things, and be fair with others. Kindness is when you be thankful for another, and loving other.

Secondly : Kindness is when you show joyfulness to each other teachers.Kindness is when you show your manners to your guests. Kindness is when you show respect to others. Kindness can also be showing everyone that you care for each other.

Last of all :  Kindness is when you don’t hurt their feeling, but make them feel happy.Kindness is when you see someone hurting others, you can go up and talk to them and make them happy, also share things with them to cheer up. kindness is showing that if others need your help, you go and help them, because they asked for their help.

Conclusion :  Kindness is when you are giving them something like a pencil to them to use, because they don’t have one. Kindness is when you give money to the poor.Kindness is when you become a leader to everyone, when they don’t know what to do.

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