Friday, May 23, 2014

My Procedural Writing

12.05.14 Procedural Writing

How to make yummy Pancakes!

Ingredients:  Flour, 1 milk,  3 or 2 eggs sugar, Butter, 1 syrup,   1 whipped cream,  enough chocolate  buttons,   enough Strawberries,

Equipments:   1 Mixing bowl,  1 whisk,  1 Frying pan,  1 teaspoon,  1 Spatula,  enough plates,  enough forks for those who are eating and enough Knifes for those who are eating.

STEP 1:  First wash your hands clean, then wash your fruits and put them in the fridge to cool. After that we get a bowl and pour some flour in  and eggs, milk, and get  the tsp for the sugar. But just a whole tsp.Then start mixing it until it soft and smooth.

Turn the stove and probably go with it to 4 or 5 . And put your pan in the stove. Then put some butter in, and wait until it sizzling.While the mixing is soft or smooth. Just pour some into the pan. And it will turn in a circle, like a pancake.

When you’re done, you get  3 or 2 pancake onto your plates and the get finally get your strawberries. And put it on the side and with the whip cream just move it around the pancakes. And sprinkle some chocolate buttons around.

Then get your forks and knifes and then serve. :) THE END

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