Monday, May 26, 2014

Life at the Life Education Caravan

At the life education we had learnt about . If we didn’t have lungs, we would die. The life education was really interesting for me. And I found our that their is only 9 things that our body needs, and that is

Sleep: Sleep is very important because it wastes the bad food.
Water: Of course you need water.Because it good for your blood and for everything.

Oxygen: we need oxygen like air.Because we need energy, energy can be added with carbohydrates.

Safety: Our body really needs safety, so we won’t hurt our sleeves. Like our finger got jammed on the door. That what happen if you don’t take care of yourself.

Exercise : We need exercise to kill the fatness. But not just the fatness the tiredness and the laziness thing, people have in them.

Food: We need to eat so that our body can be stronger and fit for everything you're doing.

Love: We need love, so that we respect people and families.

Shelter: We need to stay inside the house, when it is a hot day. Or else we will get skin cancer or infection from the sun. Because the sun is really strong for us.

Bath: You have to have a bath so that your body can be clean and ready for everything you are doing.

So that is the 9 things what our body needs in the mean times.But REMEMBER  to use it.

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