Friday, May 23, 2014

My holidays

My Experience about my Holidays.
In the holidays It was sad/good. Most of the time I was in bed you know why.  Because I didn’t really have time to do look in school bag or read a book. I  only felt better the day before last week or maybe before then.

I had a sore Stomach , it was aching and I felt something was inside of me.Then a few days it got better.
Then one day in the holiday, my Grandma went oversea.It was good she went with her brother and her Nephews.So that she follow them, while in her wheelchair.She can’t really walk well. But it was okay for her to go on a wheelchair.

We worked up around 4 or 5. To get her stuff in the van,before she’s ready.When we arrived there it was really packed.I felt happy because all of her stuff weight less. So that was a good thing.When we finished we said goodbye.

The time was 5:00 and we went for walk.Lucky we were wearing our running shoes. When we got back home, we had breakfast and do some cleaning.

On friday we went and brought I and my sister some clothes for sunday. Because that was the big day for everyone in my church. We had to read out our lesson out,  It was called Fakame.At the end we had a feed. Then School tomorrow.  The end :)

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